Vision for the Future campaign

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Emily's,

Our addition is now nearly complete. We have very few minor tweaks left to do. We now have the video and new audio system in place and working--especially helpful on those weekends when we have overflow crowds. The air conditioning and heating systems are up and running. We had donations specifically given to add stained glass windows in our vesting sacristy, chapel room, and the confessional--adding more beauty to an already beautiful space. Check out the photos in the photo gallery.

The job may be done, but we now need to turn our efforts to paying the mortgage. As of June 30, 2019 we owed a little over $161,000.00 on the mortgage. Due to the great generosity of our parishioners and visitors, going into the start of the year 2020 the balance on the principal of our mortgage was $98,000.00 and as we start 2021 the balance is $80,000.00. 

That's where we are today--hopefully (and soon) we will be able to make a posting on this page in the near future that says, "You did it! St. Emily's is debt-free!" Help make this dream a reality if you can and thank you for all your prayers and help! If you'd like to help us by donating, click the donate tab to donate online (make sure you make your donation to the "Vision Fund") or you may mail a donation to: Vision Building Fund; St. Emily's Church; PO Box 25; Emily MN 56447. Thank you for any help you may give--monetarily, volunteering, or praying for our parish. 


Please pray with us:

St. Emily’s Prayer for our “Vision for the Future”

Father in Heaven, we are your children seeking to do your will. Help us to follow in the way of your Son, Jesus, and inspire us to continually make known your Kingdom on earth.

Enlighten us through the power of your Holy Spirit so that we may understand how we must proceed in relation to our Vision Campaign. Aid us to continue our efforts in the spirit of generosity and increase our faith, hope, and love. As our parish expands, expand our desire to imitate Jesus. Through our witness, we pray that all people who pass through our doors may desire to enter into deeper communion with You.

We give you thanks for your many blessings, and we ask the intercession of St. Emily, our patroness, who knew the joys and struggles of building projects for the sake of your glory and honor, and we make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

 Priest: St. Emily

Congregation: Pray for us!