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Bishop Felton speaks to resignationt

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Important Letter From Bishop Felton

Below is an important statement issued from Bishop Daniel Felton to the members of St. Emily's and Immaculate Heart:

Fr. Drew Braun, after months of prayer and discernment, has resigned as pastor of Immaculate Heart Parish, Crosslake, MN and St. Emily's Parish, Emily, MN. He also has decided to leave active priestly ministry. This resignation is related to personal issues and is not related to the sexual absue of minors.

Recently, a number of conversations have taken place between Bishop Felton and Fr. Drew regarding his discernment and decision to resign as a pastor and to leave active priestly ministry. Fr. Drew has remained firm in his descision, and as a result, Bishop Felton has accepted his resignation as a pastor.

With the desicion of Fr. Drew to leave active priestly ministry, Bishop Felton has revoked his faculties as a priest. He is no longer to present himself as a priest, use the title "Father" or wear clerical attire. He can no longer say Mass, celebrate the Sacraments or hear confessions.

At this time, Fr. Michael Garry as Dean of this area, has been appointed the Administrator of the parishes until a new pastor is assigned. He remains the pastor of St. Francis Parish in Brainerd, All Saints Parish in Baxter, and St. Thomas of the Pines in Brainerd. 

Bishop Felton has also met with the staff at both parishes, along with Fr. Michael Garry, Fr. Mike Arms, Deacon Jim and Deacon Barry. This very capable team will be leading the planning for the Masses, pastoral care and services during this interim period.

Fr. Drew would like to share the following: "I would like to personally express my gratitude for all of the kindnesses that have been shown to me during my time at Crosslake and Emily. I am deeply sorry for any pain that my decision will cause."

We are grateful for the lives that were touched by the ministry of Fr. Drew. May our prayers accompany him in the days ahead.


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We have a new bishop, Bishop Daniel Felton, from the Diocese of Green Bay, WI. Please pray in thankfulness to the Lord for this blessing and ask the Holy Spirit to guide Bishop Felton and our diocese in our journey together in the future.

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